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Web Design

Website design is the crux of an entire companies’ web presence. It acts as both an extra speci...

Website design is the crux of an entire companies’ web presence. It acts as both an extra special landing page and the interactive forum where visitors will engage with the brand, explore the content, and ultimately make purchases or call for services if

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applicable. It is the battleground of a great web presence.

Dana Rose Design Group works in all major tiers of website design, including the display of a wonderful palette of colors, organized pacing so visitors can find the content they need, logo designs that captivate, and content writers that help supply the website design with the necessary might it needs to rank in SEO.

Website design is propelled by the code and the actual framework of the website, which can be a convoluted and demanding process. Our masters designers understand the most effective means to create a fully realize website with your vision in mind.

Websites can act as many different things for a company, from a small page that is used to attract visitors to a physical location to a fully fledged and interactive resource that competes with the major web entities on the Internet. No project is too big, and even the smallest projects carry serious weight as part of the network of the web. Contact us right now for a free quote, and find out what it takes to get your web stamp set and in motion.

Mobile Apps

The mobile industry is reaching staggering levels. It is estimated that over 55% of all Internet ...

The mobile industry is reaching staggering levels. It is estimated that over 55% of all Internet visits are accomplished through a mobile device. With the rise of tablet sales, Smartphone, and other new innovations in mobile technology, mobile is not just becoming a viable path for creativity but the main path for the future.

One excellent way to enter this terrain is through a mobile app. Mobile apps have many different functionalities. Some apps are designed as informative bulletins for consumers to gain new insight about a brand. Some developers use mobile apps as a place of interaction where they can purchase products and discuss the brand with other fans. It becomes an immediate and wonderful place for interaction, and great mobile apps can subsequently create an atmosphere of appreciation and loyalty.

The mobile industry is not going anywhere, and

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all suggestions lead to it only getting larger. In no time at all, a mobile presence will not be an option but a very necessary cog in the wheel of a great and competitive brand presence.

Contact us today to learn more about how your brand can fit into the mobile app landscape.


Games offer unadulterated entertainment. Games act as haven for pure enjoyment, and they can be i...

Games offer unadulterated entertainment. Games act as haven for pure enjoyment, and they can be implemented in a wide number of ways. The mobile game market is absolutely massive right now, and all signs indicate that it will continue to be even greater. Small independent game developers are crafting multi-million dollar franchises out of their innovative and often addictive games.

The best thing about games is that the mobile market has allowed for all types of genres and styles to fit in. A brand-specific adventure game of a stunning size and scale can coexist next to a cute and functional little puzzle title. Games are used in both mobile platforms as well as websites. But games manage to bridge that gap. A game application can be downloaded and shared through a mobile device, but an in-website game can also be played directly through a Smartphone or other mobile.

We at Dana Rose Design Group have a specialized team of expert

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coders and designers that create some dizzying games of an impressive scale. But they can also create simple and straightforward titles that have a very specific purpose. Contact us right now to see how your game concept can be turned into a reality through a coded interface, some great designs, and
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some wonderful ideas to accentuate the game.


Few things are as important as a consistent brand vision. It is the unifying concept pulling ever...

Few things are as important as a consistent brand vision. It is the unifying concept pulling every component together. It is the center of the storm that is keeping the project grounded and steady in its scope.

What is a strong brand? A strong brand is

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one that is consistent, attractive, purposeful, important, relevant, and sharable. Branding makes up perhaps the greatest obstacle of developing brands, and this is especially so in the highly competitive world of web development. Branding is exaggerated through great visuals, including logo design, logo implementation, slogans, and designs in and outside the website.

A great brand helps service many main aspects of business development, including the acquisition of customers and clients, as well as the ability to control how a brand is perceived in the public’s eye. It is the idea of credibility and authority, personified through the business.

We are here to help confirm that the brand stays consistent and vital every step of the way. Even small aspects can amount to a lot of unattended. We can take on a large portion of that burden, allowing you to focus on the big picture elements of the business while we keep the brand in the right direction through reliable and sensible web branding.

Printing Media

Companies seem to have moved the general tide of marketing strictly to the Internet. Though this ...

Companies seem to have moved the general tide of marketing strictly to the Internet. Though this can be effective for a few extreme niche brands, we strongly believe that a localized physical marketing strategy is a relevant and important supplement to web development. This is why we still place such a powerful presence in print media. This includes a number of printed media harnessed in a number of ways.

Newspaper distribution is shrinking modestly, but there is still a lot of value in presenting a localized newspaper and adding adverts into the text for a local community. Banners are perfect complements to a booth at a festival or event, where 10,000+ visitors are seeking to interact with all the brands and engage with the brand on a local level. Books, billboards, and brochures round out some of the major media print offers we provide.

Many resources may see printed media as the last aspect of a dying age. But we still see a lot of effectiveness and value in tangible items in which people can hold and physically share. If music is free, why are CDs still selling? If movies can be downloaded, why are blu-rays still released? People seek greater quality, but they also embrace physical marketing which they can touch and feel. In the local city, this is a powerful asset.


A brand will never get off the ground if it is not promoted with effectives. What makes great pro...

A brand will never get off the ground if it is not promoted with effectives. What makes great promotion for one brand may not make great promotion for another. We dig deep into the confines of the brand. We learn the various demographics, their locations, and how they can be reached. Our promotions seek to bridge the gap between the customer and the brand through establishing a cozy emotional connection. The most successful brands give the customer a reason to care that cannot be rivaled. This is rarely accomplished through price.

We can assure you that we can promote a brand effectively and to the appropriate audience without devaluing the price, because we believe that emotional empowerment and a consistent brand vision is just as important, if not more so. It is all about setting up that emotional connection that customers can relate to. The actual strategy is secondary to the need to have the brand be important and meaningful.

We seek to provide a long-lasting impression that will stand the test of time and get customers returning multiple times through various channels. By widening the umbrella, we set forward printed media, mobile applications, branding, and wonderful design for amazing results.

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